Technologies :

  • PHP
  • Symfony Framework
  • Doctrine ORM
more information can check from status_all


  • AWS provider
  • Route53 for DNS
  • CloudFront for webApp router CDN (load asset)
  • API-Gateway for HTTP API router (api only)
  • Lambda serverless hosting
  • RDS Aurora MySQL for SQL database (On an external AWS account "Aurora")

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Solid Service gives you a state of the art set of network services that you can access and manage from a single dashboard. Our flexible internet-scale platform that you can access from anywhere in the world works for your convenience while detecting and blocking threats before they reach your organization.we have direct connections to the best tech world wide, so you can reach us for all your web service needs. We make it easier to use our products at affordable rates.

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Direct Canada +1 450-305-6253


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